RGOA Takes Advantage of Infrastructure as a Service for Offsite Backup


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Rochester Gynecologic and Obstetric Associates, P.C. is committed to excellent health care for women of all ages. Part of that commitment requires uncompromising attention to efficient and secure backup and recovery planning. With over 40,000 patients, confidence in data preservation and business is a top priority.

Rochester Gynecologic and Obstetric Associates Profile

Rochester Gynecologic & Obstetric Associates, P.C. (RGOA) is a healthcare provider with three offices located in the Greater Rochester Area of New York. RGOA specializes in general OB/GYN care as well as advanced obstetric and gynecologic services. RGOA consists of ten board-certified Obstetricians/Gynecologists and two certified and licensed Nurse Practitioners. Their practice relies on technology every day, and requires systems and services with high reliability and low maintenance. RGOA is a leader in OB/GYN patient care in the greater Rochester area. RGOA’s physicians provide OB/ GYN care at Strong Memorial Hospital, which is ranked among the nation’s best in U.S. News & World Report’s America’s Best Hospitals in gynecologic care.

Rochester Gynecologic and Obstetric Associate’s Objective

RGOA was eager to move away from the antiquated backup system they used for many years. Efficiency, reliability, and security must characterize data protection, but RGOA’s backup processes were time consuming, unreliable and variable in providing successful backups.of lost work.

With the steady increase of critical data that must be stored digitally as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), RGOA’s transition to Cyberfortress’ Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solution was vital. Deborah Beyer, RGOA’s Practice Administrator, said: “We need to be able to reassure our patients that their sensitive data will be safe even if we experience a system failure. A Backup System that we can be confident in, along with a Disaster Recovery Solution that is extremely efficient and reliable, is exactly what we have needed for a long time. 

Additionally, to maintain our stature as a premier health care provider, we were looking for a way to back up and store key client data offsite and online as well as being able to access and maintain that backup remotely. In the event of an IT system failure, the quick, easy and complete restorability of data is unquestionably the most important set of factors to consider. Cyberfortress’ Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions match these needs exactly.” 

The Solution

Infrastructure as a Service

The Results

  • =100% guaranteed safe retrieval of data
  • Rock solid protection of over 40,000 patient records
  • 90% reduction in disaster recovery restoration time
  • Eradication of needless costs, wasted man-hours and uncertainty associated with previous backup system
  • Personal, reliable, and friendly support, especially when it is needed the most.




Rochester, NY




Health Care Services


Provide efficient, reliable, and comprehensive data backup and complete disaster recovery solution to protect patient data and business continuity


Infrastructure as a service


100% safe retrieval of >40,000 patient records. 90% reduction in disaster restoration time. Eradication of wasted man-hours and uncertainity

“As a healthcare provider with more than 40,000 patient records, it is our responsibility to ensure that our patient and business records are protected in the event of an IT failure. Should a catastrophic event occur, data preservation, business continuity and patient privacy is our first concern, but with Cyberfortress’ comprehensive backup and complete disaster recovery solutions, it is our last worry.”


“Our backup system was something that we relied upon for over 20 years. When it was all we had, it served its purpose. As we have grown in terms of patients and physicians, our data management needs have also grown. New compliance regulations governing patient privacy, exponential growth and dependence on digital data (EMR), and the expectation that restoration of that data in the event of a catastrophe is unquestionably secure are all factors that compelled us to transition to Cyberfortress’ backup and disaster recovery solution. The bottom line is that there is no one out there with a solution that integrates data backup, disaster recovery, and cloud computing as smoothly, seamlessly and reliably as Cyberfortress. We feel that part of what makes us one of the area’s best women’s health care providers is the fact that we are able to identify and obtain the best resources for our practice-and Cyberfortress is one of our best resources.”


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