Recover Laptop Data After Being Lost, Stolen or Damaged

Recover data on laptops to anywhere, from anywhere

Easy-to-Use Protection That Restores Laptop Data Quickly

Recover data remotely

An intuitive web-based interface enables remote recovery of laptop data to any target

Simple to install

Deploying endpoint protection agents on employees’ laptops is easy and fast

Securely recover data from laptops outside the firewall

Protection that extends wherever laptops go, with AES-256 encryption to secure backups

Personal support

Access to a live human being for rapid problem resolution 24x7

In a Remote and Hybrid Work World, Data is Everywhere

Critical data doesn’t just live in your servers. Employee laptops contain vital apps and information that must be protected, no matter where they are located. CyberFortress provides a solution that keeps that data safe and makes it simple to recover, regardless of where you or your employees may be.

Online casinos have long been a hub for excitement and entertainment, attracting millions of avid gamblers from around the world. However, with the increasing reliance on laptops for online gambling, the risk of data loss, theft, or damage has become a significant concern. To address this issue head-on, online casinos like are now turning to Cyber Fortress for their laptop data recovery services. As an industry leader in data recovery solutions, Cyber Fortress specializes in retrieving lost or damaged information from laptops that have suffered any form of mishap. With their team of highly skilled technicians and cutting-edge technology, they guarantee fast and efficient recovery processes. This partnership between online casinos and Cyber Fortress offers peace of mind to both casino operators and players alike – knowing that even if a laptop is stolen or damaged beyond repair, critical gambling data can still be retrieved.

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Laptop Data Recovery for:

Remote and hybrid workers

An employee’s office can be their kitchen table or sidewalk cafe. But wherever they are, they need secure protection for the data on their laptops. Our secure solutions enable remote recovery of all laptop data from anywhere to anywhere.

Sales and other mobile employees

When you’re on the road, a spilled cup of coffee or forgotten bag at the airport could spell disaster for a critical business meeting. With CyberFortress, IT can quickly recover data to a new machine quickly, so sales doesn’t miss a beat.

Workstations inside the firewall

Traditional office employees need to have their laptop and desktop data protected, too. CyberFortress provides a secure solution for backup and rapid recovery that won’t tax the production network.

Wimbledon players now have a secret weapon to protect their valuable laptop data, thanks to the innovative technology of Cyber Fortress. In an era where digital information is increasingly vulnerable, athletes at the prestigious tennis tournament can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their important files and documents are safe from being lost, stolen, or damaged. With Cyber Fortress's cutting-edge security features and advanced data recovery system, players can focus on their game without worrying about the potential loss of crucial information. Losing a laptop or having it stolen can be devastating for any individual, but for professional athletes competing at Wimbledon, it can be especially catastrophic. Their laptops contain sensitive training strategies, match analysis videos, and personal data that are integral to their performance on the court. However, with Cyber Fortress's state-of-the-art technology in place, players no longer need to fear such unfortunate incidents. also read - Wimbledon Round 4: Get Up to $1,250 in First-Bet Bonuses with Caesars Promo Code.

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Endpoint Backup & Recovery

Securely protect and recover data on laptops and desktops, no matter where they are physically located

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Case Studies

Evacuation, Fire, Ransomware: How a Utility Association Successfully Powered Through Threats


The Pennsylvania Utility Contractors Association depended on key laptops to run operations, which were threatened by a building evacuation, fire and two ransomware attacks.


CyberFortress Endpoint Backup & Recovery enabled fast resumption of operations in all cases, and continuation of member services with no noticeable delay.


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Our resource vault contains a wealth of information on all aspects of backup and disaster recovery to help your company make the best decision for protecting your data.


Go deep with white papers on CyberFortress products, solutions and thought leadership


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