Ashay Backup Software: Guaranteed Data Availability

Managed Backup as a Service, Powered by Ahsay

Ensure Data Availability with a Simple, Powerful, Fully Managed Solution

There’s no business so small today that it doesn’t depend on critical data. A failed hard drive, ransomware attack or even accidental deletion can do serious damage if you don’t have recent backups from which you can quickly restore your data and applications.

CyberFortress Backup as a Service, Powered by Ahsay, takes all the complexity out of backup and recovery with a powerful, fully managed solution run by CyberFortress’ data recovery experts. But Ahsay is so easy-to-use, you can recover data on your own, should you want to.

Fully Managed

Completely managed from deployment and backup scheduling to rapid recovery.

All data is protected by AES 256-bit encryption with customer-controlled keys and stored in CyberFortress’ ultra-secure data centers.

Simple to Use
The solution is so easy to manage, you can choose to restore data on your own if you wish.

Personal Support
Access to a live human being for quick problem resolution 24×7.

Three Simple Steps to Success



CyberFortress as your Service Provider



Ahsay Software



Your Data to CyberFortress

Credentialed Recovery Professionals

Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Microsoft Certified System Administrator, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Certified Professional.VMware vExperts, VMware Certified Associate-Data Virtualization

Managed Backup as a Service, Powered by Ahsay

CyberFortress Makes Backup and Recovery Simple & Fast for Small Businesses

CyberFortress Backup as a Service, Powered by Ahsay enables:

  • Multi-destination backup for superior protection
  • The creation and management of multiple versions of a file
  • Flexible restore capability
  • Fast backup and recovery that 300% faster than its closest competitor

Enforced By The Recovery People

CyberFortress’ greatest strength is its people. From mobile to mainframe, our comprehensive services are enforced by highly- trained experts and access to a real human for support, 24×7.

Try it today!

1TB of space for 30 days, risk free Try Ahsay today with 1TB of space for a thirty-day, risk-free trial! All services including trials are backed by CyberFortress’ certified professionals.
CyberFortress has provided backup and recovery solutions to over twenty thousand businesses globally with data centers in North America and Europe for 20+ years. CyberFortress provides complete, custom data backup and recovery solutions to protect endpoints, physical and virtual servers, NAS, and cloud storage including Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. Support features instant access to certified recovery experts.




 20+ Years Delivering World-Class Data Protection Services with Hundreds of Thousands of Physical and Virtual Machines Under Protection


Forward-Thinking Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud Solutions, plus Hypervisor Agnostic


Serving North America, EMEA and APAC Markets


Professional & Managed Services

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