CyberFortress Announces 24×7 Support for Global Data Backup and Recovery Services

Customers Across Globe Able to Reach the CyberFortress Recovery People™ via Phone and Email at Any Time on Any Day of the Year

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, November 29, 2022 – CyberFortress, a global provider of managed data backups built to prevent business disruption through rapid recovery, today announced that the company is now providing 24×7 live support for all backup and recovery products and services.

CyberFortress has long been committed to ensuring its customers can recover their data fast and minimize downtime. Now, by leveraging its global presence to provide 24×7 support every day of the year, customers are assured personalized support from an internal CyberFortress credentialed, dedicated recovery specialist whenever they call or email. 

CyberFortress provides a complete suite of solutions and services to meet all of an organization’s backup and recovery needs, including:

  • Endpoint Backup & Recovery: Advanced endpoint protection and recovery for laptops and desktops no matter where they are physically located
  • Managed Backup as a Service, Powered by Ahsay (BaaS): A powerful fully managed solution that makes data backup and recovery simple and fast for small businesses
  • Managed Backup as a Service, Powered by Asigra (BaaS): Ultra secure data backup and recovery for the  advanced security and compliance that sensitive data requires
  • Managed Cloud Backup as a Service, Powered by Veeam (BaaS): A fully managed Veeam cloud backup software solution that protects companies  against normal data loss and downtime
  • Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service, Powered by Veeam (DRaaS): A fully managed Veeam disaster recovery solution that protects companies during times of disaster
  • SaaS Backup & Recovery:  Specialized to restore SaaS data in case of service outage, cyberattack or data deletion
  • Server Backup & Recovery Software: Enables server backups every 15 minutes or less for painless recovery, even for bare metal

“We were having the issue that our backups weren’t following our  retention policies,” said Brandon Coleman, system admin for Heart Southern Missions. “CyberFortress was fantastic. The issue ended up being on our end, and they not only helped identify it, but fixed it so that we now have 360 restore points from bi-hourly backups. I got a specialist on the line the first time I called, and we couldn’t have asked for stronger support.”

“When a business needs to recover data, no one wants to wait until business hours roll back around to talk to a human being,” said John Garza, Vice President Customer Experience at CyberFortress. “At CyberFortress, anyone who needs support will get hold of an internal recovery specialist immediately — not someone who’s just taking messages or an outsourced support company — they’ll speak with an expert at CyberFortress. We’re the recovery people, and if a customer needs our help, we’re going to be there, every hour of every day of the year.

About CyberFortress

CyberFortress is a global company that makes it simple to fully backup and rapidly recover all lost or stolen data to prevent damage and disruption to organizations of all sizes. Data is stored in secure, geo-redundant facilities, and our suite of solutions enables our data recovery specialists to create a custom, comprehensive solution for each customer. Whenever a customer needs data recovery, they receive live, personalized support from a credentialed specialist, every hour of every day of the year.

CyberFortress is based in San Antonio, Texas. For more information, contact us today.

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