Security Boulevard, Ransomware: Protect Your Data Backups, Too

CyberFortress CEO Bret Piatt discusses the increasing threat of ransomware and how to defend against it in his article, ‘Ransomware: Protect Your Data Backups, too.’ 

What we’re discussing:

  • Ransomware continues to grow, with an attack every 11 seconds according to Veeam research, Bret Piatt explains how cybercriminals attack backup repositories, how that affects fast data recovery, and results in paying the ransom because the backups weren’t properly protected.

  • Secure backup and disaster recovery systems on a separate domain or workgroup from live data to avoid encryption, air-gapped backups take too long to recover, immutable backups should have strong security, multifactor authentication, and educating employees are key.

  • Quick recovery of data can make the difference in paying the ransom, downtime not only affects revenue, but also reputation, plus the collateral damage of not getting all the data back, published data, losing control, and potential malware planted for additional exploits.

  • Create a documented rapid data recovery plan and practice it, get help from a professional who is proficient in full restores understands your recovery time objectives, prioritizes your workloads, and has clear communication established for when a failover is needed. 


Read the entire article here, as featured in Security Boulevard.

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