Protecting Microsoft 365 Data With Veeam

Microsoft 365 is a critical SaaS application in remote and in-person workplaces. The data stored is often vital to running many businesses’ day-to-day operations. How does your company protect that valuable asset? CyberFortress protects that data with a backup-as-a-service (BaaS) offering, powered by Veeam. However, do you need to backup Microsoft 365? Let’s explore what can happen if you don’t, and the benefits of our new offering.

What Happens If You Don’t Backup Microsoft 365?

Let’s say someone deletes key documents for an important quarterly report. Microsoft automatically deletes all data in the recycle bin after 30 days, so if it’s not backed up, it’s gone for good. And in this example, it’s likely no one will notice they were accidentally trashed until they start working on the report, well after the 30-day retention period has passed. 

But it can be even worse. If a rogue employee deletes emails and documents to cover up illegal activity, when their acts come to light and e-discovery begins, the company could find itself in legal hot water.  That’s why considering data backup for Microsoft 365 is key. 

Benefits of Protecting Your Microsoft Data

Like many SaaS vendors, Microsoft’s SaaS-based office suite operates under a shared responsibility model. Microsoft ensures its service infrastructure is secure and that the application remains available. By protecting your data in case of a catastrophic failure or disaster, you prevent losing valuable information, time spent on recovery, and more.

How to Protect Microsoft 365 with Veeam

Here at CyberFortress, we know how vital protecting your data is in an increasingly remote environment. We just made it even easier for you to use our service. Our self-service Microsoft 365 Restore Portal makes it simpler to find exactly the files you need. You can bring files you need back to life with enhanced search and streamlined processes. Get the insights you need with key statistics on backup duration, read-write rates, and other KPIs.

CyberFortress is a Veeam Platinum Partner that helps companies create a comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 backup strategy. You can set up retention policies for storage, recover granularly and secure access to backups with multi-factor authentication. The service can also protect data in hybrid environments, and even easily migrate mailbox data between on-premises and SaaS.

SaaS data deserves the same level of protection as on-premises data, and we’ve made it even easier to do so for Microsoft 365 with our latest update.

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