The Resurgence of Data Protection

Not-So-Secret Agents: CyberFortress CEO and Techstrong TV’s Mike Vizard Discuss the resurrection of the Data Protection Approach

Agent-based approaches to data protection in the age of remote work are back in vogue, according to CyberFortress CEO, Bret Piatt, and it’s a sentiment renowned IT journalist Mike Vizard was eager to discuss with him in a recent segment on Techstrong TV.

“We’ve been having this debate about agent versus agentless forever and a day,” said Vizard, a host on the IT media site. “And it seems though that with more people working from home that maybe the argument is shifting more back towards agents. What do you think is going on?”

On Urgence and Resurgence

What follows is eleven minutes of back and forth on a range of critical topics. Drawing off decades of experience, these two IT veterans cover the evolution of data protection, new developments and best practices. This includes the need for fluid data protection from the home to the office and understanding what approach is right for your situation. 

And as Bret points out, data from a recent Gallup poll shows that more than one in four workers aren’t coming into the office at all anymore. As a result, agent-based endpoint backup is the preferred route for many at this time, leading to its resurgence and setting the stage for this informative discussion.

Other highlights include: An examination of processes versus platforms, a look at how to speed restore from backups, re-evaluating and enhancing the 3-2-1 rule, aligning recovery time and point objectives with business priorities, and the emerging threats and tactics of bad actors. Perhaps most important, though, was discussion on the immediate need to close the gap between cybersecurity and data protection.

Turn it On, Tune In, Don’t Drop Out

Vizard is a top IT journalist with decades of experience. You’ll likely recognize the name from such publications as IT Business Edge, Channel Insider and Baseline. He was also the former Editor-in-Chief for CRN and InfoWorld. 

With over 433,000 subscribers and 13 million yearly page views, Techstrong TV covers news and practices changing the world of technology. A particular focus are such interviews with industry experts, thought leaders and practitioners involved in DevOps, cloud-native, cybersecurity and digital transformation. 

Together, Vizard and Bret delivered a must-see segment for anyone in data protection, particularly those seeking guidance on agent versus agentless approaches. Give it a watch – it could be just what you need to keep your company and career advancing in the right direction.

Turn it on, tune in, and get the latest on data protection with this special segment on Techstrong TV.

Take the Next Step in Data Protection

CyberFortress specializes in a range of data protection needs for corporations and enterprises with service offerings such as endpoint backup and recovery and disaster recovery. Contact us today to learn how we can solidify your data protection strategy.

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